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5 Must-Dos for Bare faced Beauty

It's easy to achieving a pure, clear and radiant complexion that looks flawless even with I nothing. All you need is a good skincare regime and our Top 5 must-dos:

  1. Cleansing Is Key:

    Never miss washing your face no matter how tired you are.

  2. Let New Skin In:

    Skin renews itself every 28 days. So it’s a good idea to exfoliate at least once a week to help remove dead skincells and make way for bright new skin.

  3. Love Those Antioxidants:

    Colourful fruits and veges are packed with antioxidants that help to keep early signs of ageing at bay. Check for antioxidants in your skincare too.

  4. Glow with the Flow:

    Water flushes out toxins and keeps your skin supple and clear. So bring around a bottle with you every day and drink to healthy skin.

  5. Slather On The Screen:

    The great outdoors is wonderful but pollution and the sun's rays can cause havoc to your skin. So always apply a broad spectrum sunscreen even if you're not planning to be in direct sunlight.