Hue Floresta's spokesperson Tang Jin The Fighting Rose
Name: Tang Jin
Nickname: The Fighting Rose
MMA Career record: Prodebuted in 2009 as MMA career fighter, MMA 36 wins
Gym/Affiliation/Association: Beijing Oriental Honorary International Fight Club
Weight: 57kg
Height: 172cm
Fighting style: Yi Quan (a martial art system)
Date of Birth: 07 April 1985
Nationality: China
  • First professional MMA woman fighter in China FEFOMP
  • Mayors Cup First MMA Professional China women fighter that participate in the FEFOMP
  • Mayors Cup Particpate in WBC Sino
  • America Muay Thai Championship
  • Kun Lun Fight 5 (Vs.Yana Lyashko from Russia)
  • Dragon Qilu (Vs.Takada Yui from Japan)
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship Streak: 5 wins
  • Wu Lin Feng K1 (Vs. Christy Tyquiengco from USA)
Professional Record: 19 Matches, 14 Wins: 2 Draws: 3 Losses
(China,Beijing-Global Kungfu website 18 April 2014) Tang Jin, the 1st China professional MMA contracted female, Asian champion fighter who debuted in FEFOMP- Mayors Cup, makes an appearance in official release conference in Beijing, Ms Tang Jin has presented herself confidently with her bare skin for the Hue Florestas product endorsement ceremony as the brand spokesperson.
The product endorsement ceremony was hosted by Mr. Guo Jing, General Manager of Hue Floresta Co. Ltd and honored by many appearances of VIP guests: Mr. Li Jin Sheng of Ember Hue Corporation Pte Ltd China Regional Director, Ms. Xu Xiao Hua, Managing Director of Ember Hue Corporation Pte Ltd , Mr. Yu Ji Sheng of Beijing Hong Xia Kang Ti Co.,Ltd, Tang Jins Manager a.k.a Chairman of Beijing Oriental Honorary International Fighting Club, Mr.Jiang Hua,Chairman of Kun Lun , Mr.Wu Dong Hui,and Ms,Zhao Ling, General Producer of Education Network Television Root SeekingProgram, Mr.Wang Chuan Hua,Founder of China Beauty Union, Mr.Qi Zi Jun, Famous Song writer, and Yu Jin, Taiwan Singer.
Hue Floresta, a Singapore developed and Made in Taiwan skincare products, using the latest advanced Micro-Bio Technology to derive the main active ingredient Soya Yogurt Filtrate. Bringing together are the natures gift of the ingredients; Soy Peptide, Water soluble Pearl. These vitamin-rich nutrients easily penetrate the skin to repair, protect and renew our skin as they deliver the optimum benefits of the products. Hue Floresta White-a-Fair is gentle and safe on all skin types, manufactured under the strictest industry standards in 10,000 class clean room environments by ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.
Our Fighting Rose, Ms Tang Jin surprises the media, She appeared without any makeup to portray her image as a natural and confident woman in the 21st century. Ms.Xu Xiao Hua, Ember Hue Corporation Pte Ltd Managing Director and Mr. Li Jin Sheng, Ember Hue Corporation Pte Ltd China Regional Director, had answered the media on why Ms Tang was chosen as the spokesperson, Ms Tang, is a good example of a woman in 21st century, she had portrayed the confidence, healthy and natural image of a professional athlete, and she is also well-respected and well-loved by many of her fellow fighters and followers. Her image is a perfect match to Hue Florestas product concept and image.
Ms. Tang Jin further endorsed the products effectiveness, as she had use the products for a period of time before she decided to become a spokesperson for Hue Floresta White-a-Fair. She added that comparing to many products, only Hue Floresta White-A-Fair can help her achieve a more well-balanced, translucent and healthy complexion, and she totally agree with the concepts of the products in baring our skin confidently. Thus, she comes to feels that the right thing to do is by sharing the goodness of Hue Floresta White-a-Fair.
To add to the highlights of product endorsement ceremony, Ember Hue Corporation Pte Ltd also signed a memorandum of cooperation with Hong Xia Kang Ti Co., Ltd, a reputable five-star beauty and health group. This cooperation further enhances Hue Floresta White-A-Fair to help the modern woman to experience the true beauty of naked skin, as it is the truest expression of a womans beauty, inside and out.