About Us

Hue Floresta's principle activity is to manufacture and market superior skin care and cosmetic products. Hue Floresta is developed on the basis of synergy between the best of eastern and western; combining century old ancient beauty secret, advance with modern technology to deliver the natural beauty.

The inspiration behind Hue Floresta is Ember Hue Corporation Pte ltd; the mother company specialized in soy and pearl products since 1990. Hue Floresta skincare was born after 5 years of research by a team of scientists to study the best way of deriving the nutrient from the soy. After the extensive experiments and researches, the precise condition of soy fermentation was discovered and we name the signature ingredient, Soy Yogurt Filtrate.


Soy & Skin Health

A long-time favorite of Asian diet, the soy has been prized for centuries in Asia as a nutritious, high-protein food with a variety of uses, including skin-whitening ingredient, as the brightening effects of soy are association with lighter complexion and makes skin appear younger.

Soy is rich in Amino acids, Fatty Acids and minerals that inhibit pigmentation and enhance lightening of skin tone when administered for a prolonged period of usage. Besides, anti-carcinogenic of soy protein work synergistically to support skins that is healthy and supple.


Pearl & Skin Health

For thousands of years, the Chinese have used Pearl in everything from skincare to healing. Pearl is well known for its natural UV protection and the moisturizing benefit when added to other ingredients to provide a luxurious silk feeling to skin. For Centuries, the royal courts of China have relied on Pearl Powder for skin care and healing of skin. The Empress Dowager is well-known to have been consumed Pearl Powder in addition to applying the lustrous 'skin silk' to achieve a porcelain-smooth complexion.